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JKS MANUFACTURING SUSPENSION , Control Arm Correction Bracket Kit | Wrangler JK . #6200 


  •  Reduced control arm angles allow the front suspension to more naturally roll over bumps and grooves in the road. Forces are better directed into the coil springs and shocks where they can be absorbed and controlled versus into the control arms and frame where they are felt more and create a less controlled handling feel (rough ride)
  •  Corrects caster for 2”-4.5” of lift. The new upper and lower control arm mounting holes are precisely positioned to provide the correct caster at the listed lift heights. The upper control arm mount provides two hole positions for proper caster settings through the full lift height range. The proper mounting locations for the installed lift heights are outlined in the installation instructions.
  •  Improves the front drive shaft CV joint operating angles through full wheel travel. On 2012-2014 JK models, the new geometry increases clearance between the front driveshaft and exhaust at full suspension droop
  •  Brackets are made from heavy-duty 7GA steel and are fully boxed and welded for superior strength when compared to bolt together 2-piece designs. The brackets install inside the factory upper and lower control arm mounts with the factory hardware. The heavy boxed construction, fully gusseted lower mount and welded crush sleeves give you extra confidence both on and off road.
  •  The Control Arm Correction Brackets can be used with JKS adjustable control arms for the ultimate on and off road performance.


Wrangler JK, 2007-2017, Control Arm Correction Bracket; Powder Coated; Bolt-on


Customer Reviews

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Better than expected

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Reviewed by: Gregory12/03/2015 12:46AM

Product ownership: A year or longer

Purchased from: JKS Manufacturing

After a 2.5" budget boost I left myself with forward tipped axle causing some serious bump steer and horrible handling overall. The problem is in order to fix the axle pitch to give Toe, Camber etc to achieve a more stock feel you have to spend hundreds and hundreds to replace the upper and lower control arms. Money I don't have. 
These may drop your lower control arm by an inch or so but who cares for the price. It totally worked and I've been adding lift for a while now. I'm at the 4 inch point and that axle is still pitched correctly and drives great.




Control Arm Correction Bracket Kit | Wrangler JK

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